About Joan

“Fashion is not about following the latest trends. It’s about being comfortable, being yourself and feeling happy with what you put on. When a client fully understands this concept and is satisfied with my work, my heart becomes warm. There is no better feeling.” – Joan Clayton

Joan Clayton is a leading decorative artist, fashion stylist extraordinaire, and an innovative candle creator.

From an early age, Joan began to exhibit qualities of a budding art connoisseur. As a child in Jamaica, she would regularly watch and be inspired by her own mother’s sensational 70s styling, reminiscent of the late R&B and soul artist Donna Summer. While it may not have been evident at the time, Joan’s passion for fashion would have taken its first breaths in such timeless moments. In the coming years, she worked in pursuit of her vision to become a professional stylist.

At a young age, Joan arrived in Toronto, Canada with an avid thirst for creativity combined with rich idealism. Her kickoff to a promising career started by dressing windows of high-end fashion stores located in the downtown core, further perfecting her eye for flair. Outside of her day job, Joan began building a standout portfolio to vitalize her professional image as a reputed fashion innovator.

Now living in Berlin, Europe, Joan’s artistic expertise and unique sense of style continues to be sought after by countless leading professionals all over the city. Her current wealth of experience in fashion and home décor can easily be attributed to her previous work in the visual merchandising departments for Berlin-based stores Quartier 206, DKNY & Strenesse and ETRO.

For over a decade, Joan has worked with many prominent influencers within the fashion and media industry, where she was the lead costume designer for television and cinema, she also worked with many influential photographers, actors, models, writers, and directors.

Whether it is the bustling and vibrant surroundings of the market vendors in Morocco or the fast-paced nightlife in London, Joan is spurred on by the exhilarating world of patterns and colour blends wherever she goes. Over the years, this natural passion for styling has evolved into staging and home decorating, and most recently, candle art, all of which stunningly displays her classic bold signature. Today, Joan is the founder and owner of her own eCommerce shop, featuring a variety of stunning candle creations.